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Below is a list of some scripts, add-ons and extras that are available for various scripts. They have been provided by users of my scripts at no charge and they said that I could use it and allow others to use them. If you have something you would like to add, please let me know.
            Written by Brian Sietz  
            This script contains several additions to FormMail v1.9, including a courtesy
            reply e-mail to the visitor, the ability to add fields to a flatfile database, and
            support for fax to e-mail services.

      Mike Wheeler's MailFile Script
            Written by Mike Wheeler
            This script allows you to send multiple files by e-mail to someone requesting
            them from a web page. It is based on a simplified version of my FormMail
            script. Includes instructions a nice demo, which allows you to mail the scripts
            to yourself using the script!

      Multiple Link Eliminator
            Written by Usama Wazeer
            This 'C' program was written to automatically take out any duplicate links in
            your links.html file for the Free For All Links Page. It will report all line which
            have duplicate urls, and then also take out the lines and create a new
            links.html file.

      Create URL Database
            Written by Matt Wright - Version 1.0 Released 12/15/95
            This program will take your free for all link page and convert it into a
            database suitable for the random link generator.

      Convert 1.1
            Written by Jon Wichmann Hansen
            Converts Netscape Version 1.2 - 2.0beta bookmark files into a format
            readable by my Random Link Generator. :: HTML Form to Email Processor
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