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WWWBoard is a threaded World Wide Web discussion forum and message board, which allows users to post new messages, followup to existing ones and more. The current release in 2.0 ALPHA 2.1, which means there still are a few bugs. WWWBoard 2.0 ALPHA 2.1 comes with a WWWAdmin program, which helps you maintain the WWWBoard. ALPHA 2.1 has several security patches over ALPHA 2, which prevent board clobbering by followup fields.
The Readme files at Matt's Script Archive contain detailed installation, configuration and usage instructions, which take you step by step from putting the scripts on your system to using them in your web pages. You should read these through and keep them by you when setting up or installing any MSA script. It is probably not a bad idea to print them out. Each compressed script package contains a plain text version of the Readme file, however the links below will take you to their HTML counterparts.

      Readme Files: WWWBoard:
            - Copyright and Header
            - Overview
            - wwwboard.html
            - faq.html
            - messages/
            - data.txt
            - Version 2.0 Improvements Over 1.0
            - History
WWWBoard can be downloaded in several different formats, or you can even have it mailed to you as a uuencoded file. Click on one of the links below for the appropriately compressed file and download options will appear.
WWWBoard file format: .zip (16kb), .tar.gz (18.6kb), .tar (82kb) 
The above distributions contain the following files you may wish to view:

      Alpha-2 - Special information about the 2.1 ALPHA 2 release.
      README - Includes installation instructions and a detailed description of use.
      ADMIN README - The README file for WWWAdmin. - The main WWWBoard perl script which runs everything. - The admin perl script which helps you maintain WWWBoard.
      wwwboard.html - The html file that includes the post form and all message links.
      faq.html - A Frequently Asked Questions file which you can post for your users.
      data.txt - The data file which keeps an incremented number for message id.
      passwd.txt - A password file for WWWAdmin.
      messages/ - The directory where messages posted will be stored.
Working Demo
Several scripts at Matt's Script Archive lend themselves well to local working demonstrations. WWWBoard is one of these and the working demo is available below.

      WWWBoard Working Demo
Frequently Asked Questions
The Frequently Asked Questions Archive at MSA is the easiest and fastest way to get help. It contains a list of the most commonly asked questions as well as their answers. Check these out before you seek other means of help, as your question may be answered here already.

      Frequently Asked Questions: WWWBoard:
            1. WWWAdmin just won't work!
            2. WWWAdmin works, but the password parts don't!
            3. Where can I get add-ons and help for WWWBoard
            4. Does WWWBoard run on Windows NT 4.0?
            5. I think my WWWBoard was hacked, how so?
Modifications and Extras
Extras are customizations, example modifications or anything else which helps you add-on or better utilize your WWWBoard script. WWWBoard extras include scripts which have been derived from WWWBoard and do various other tasks. Internet Programming Services
            Includes add-ons such as: Operating Multiple Boards On One
            WWWBOARD.CGI, Customizing the look of WWWBOARD posts, Simple
            WWWBoard Search Engine Viewing Messages Before Posting, Creating a
            Private WWWBoard Denying WWWBOARD Accessing, Subscribing Function for
            Matt's WWWBoard and How To Send WWWBOARD.CGI Digested Articles.

      VaultWorld's Multi-Page Layout
            This is a solution to huge bulletin boards and archiving. The creates a
            manageable multi-pages layout from the original wwwboard. Plus
            configuration options of number of posting per page and multi-pages
            names. Add-On is free, but donations are accepted.

      Circular Logic
            WiPPPer v2.2 for Windows and Win95 - WiPPPer provides a way to automate
            Web-based forums, to both download new messages and post messages
            automatically. Support for WWWBoard forums included! :: HTML Form to Email Processor
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