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General (11)
    1. What does chmod xxx mean? What is chmod?
    2. What platforms do your scripts run on?
    3. Is there a charge for your scripts?
    4. What does Server Error 403 "File Not Found" mean?
    5. What does Server Error 500 "Malformed Header From Script" mean?
    6. What does Server Error 501 "Cannot POST to non-script area..." mean?
    7. What is "Internal Error: execve() failed" mean?
    8. What is Unix? And what is A Unix/System Prompt?
    9. What is a cgi-bin?
  10. Do I need a cgi-bin to run these scripts?
  11. What is #!/usr/bin/perl and do I need to modify it?

  Y2K Fixes for CGI Scripts @ MSA (6)
Individual Scripts (35)
    FormMail (3)
        1. Everything works, but I don't receive the data.
        2. Can I have multiple recipients?
        3. The redirect command won't work.

    Guestbook (4)
        1. Everything seems to work, but the guestbook isn't written to.
        2. Everything works fine, but when I turn on the mail option, it errors out.
        3. Why doesn't the date show up on my page?
        4. Are there any sites that will host my guestbook?

    WWWBoard (4)
        1. WWWAdmin Just Won't Work!
        2. WWWAdmin works, but the password parts don't!
        3. Where can I get add-ons and help for WWWBoard?
        4. I think my WWWBoard was hacked, how so?

    Simple Search (2)
        1. How can I search recursively down directories?
        2. How many files can this program search through?

    Counter (1)
        1. How do I make the counter appear in my HTML document?

    TextCounter (6)
        1. What are Server Side Includes?
        2. How do I make the counter appear in my HTML document?
        3. What does "[TextCounter Fatal Error: This Page Not Found;
            Auto-Create Option Disabled]" mean?

        4. What does "[TextCounter Fatal Error: This Page Not In Valid URI]" mean?
        5. What does "[TextCounter Fatal Error: Could Not Write to File XXX]" mean?
        6. What does "[TextCounter Fatal Error: Could Not Increment Counter]" mean?

    Random Text (1)
        1. How should I format the random text database?

    TextClock (1)
        1. What are Server Side Includes?

    Free for all Links (1)
        1. How can I remove multiple links from the file?

    Random Link Generator (2)
        1. How do I format the link database?
        2. Are there any programs to help me create databases from common pages?

    HTTP Cookie Library (3)
        1. What are Cookies?
        2. Where can I get more information about Cookies?
        3. What Browsers Support Cookies?

    Countdown (2)
        1. Can I add a return link to the Countdown Page?
        2. Can I in-line this into a current Web Page?

    Random Image Displayer (1)
        1. How can I add links and alt text to the image?

    SSI Random Image Displayer (2)
        1. What are Server Side Includes?
        2. Do I need Server Side Includes to run this?

    Credit Card Verification (1)
        1. Is there a fix which checks the expiry date?

    Book 'em Dan-O (0) :: HTML Form to Email Processor
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