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Random Link Generator Frequently Asked Questions
    1. How do I format the link database?
    2. Are there any programs to help me create databases from common pages?
1. How do I format the link database?
Short Answer:

The link database that the Random Link Generator chooses its links from is simply a file with a list of urls in it. The urls must be separated by new lines.

Example Database:

The following is an example database of random links. Simply open up a file and put the lines below in it and your random link generator will work off of it.

When you run your random link generator, you will be taken to one of the urls listed above if that is all you put in your database.
2. Are there any programs to help me create databases from common pages?
Yes, there are currently two programs, located in Matt's Script Archive EXTRAS! which allow you to create lists of html urls.

The first is one that I wrote, that will take your links, listed in the links.html file of the Free For All Link Page program, and put them all into a database.

The second one will take a Netscape bookmark file and pull all of the urls out of it, placing them in a Random Link Generator database. :: HTML Form to Email Processor
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