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Guestbook allows you to set up your own comments page. From there, visitors can add entries to your guestbook and they will be displayed with the most recent at the top and scrolling down or vice versa. Other options include the ability to limit HTML in the entry, link to e-mail address with mailto tag, use a log to log entries, redirect to a different page after signing, e-mailing whenever a new entry is added and much more. There are several downloading options available below and more information on this script can be found in the Readme file.
The Readme files at Matt's Script Archive contain detailed installation, configuration and usage instructions that will take you step by step from putting the scripts on your system to using them in your web pages. You should read these through and keep them by you when setting up or installing any MSA script. It is probably not a bad idea to print them out. Each compressed script package contains a plain text version of the Readme file, however the links below will take you to their HTML counterparts.

      Readme Files: Guestbook:
            - Copyright and Header
            - Overview
            - guestbook.html
            - addguest.html
            - guestlog.html
            - Bug Fixes
            - History
Guestbook can be downloaded in several different formats, or you can even have it mailed to you as a uuencoded file. Click on one of the links below to the appropriately compressed file and download options will appear.
Guestbook file format: .zip (8.3kb), .tar.gz (9.3kb), .tar (40.9kb) 
The above distributions contain the following files you may wish to view: - The perl script that processes and adds entries to the guestbook.
      README - Includes installation instructions and a detailed description of use.
      addguest.html - The form which visitors fill out to add to the guestbook.
      guestbook.html - The guestbook file contains the users' entries.
      guestlog.html - A short log of all entries. Unnecessary if log option off.
Frequently Asked Questions
The Frequently Asked Questions Archive at MSA is the easiest and fastest way to get help. It contains a list of the most commonly asked questions as well as their answers. Check these out before you seek other means of help, as your question may be answered here already.

      Frequently Asked Questions: Guestbook:
            1. Everything seems to work, but the guestbook isn't written to.
            2. Everything works fine, but when I turn on the mail option, it errors out.
            3. Why doesn't the date show up on my page?
            4. Are there any sites that will host my guestbook?
nms Guestbook
The following is a drop-in replacement for Guestbook that has been developed by a project called nms. We have also supplied info about their goals and modifications.
nms Guestbook file format: .zip (19kb), .tar.gz (17kb) :: HTML Form to Email Processor
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