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Random Text Frequently Asked Questions
    1. How should I format the random text database?
1. How should I format the random text database?
Short Answer:

Any way you like. Just make sure $delimiter matches.

Long Answer:

The $delimiter variable in the variable configuration block allows you to tell the random text script how it should split up your database. For instance, by default, it is set to:

$delimiter = "\n\%\%\n";

Which, when translated by the double quoted string means a new line, followed by two percent signs and then another new line. That means, basically, just a line with two % signs between each section. This allows you to have multi-line quotes or sections of text and is the same formatting scheme used by the Unix program fortune. You could also change this to:

$delimiter = "\n";

if you wanted each quote to be on a line by itself. Just make sure the $delimiter variable matches up to the way you format your database. :: HTML Form to Email Processor
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