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FormMail Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Everything works, but I don't receive the data.
    2. Can I have multiple recipients?
    3. The redirect command won't work.
1. Everything works, but I don't receive the data.
Short Answer:

Check your mail path.

Long Answer:

Check your path to sendmail and the mailing address you have configured in your form. To do this, you may need to modify the $mailprog variable in Many systems do not have sendmail in the /usr/lib directory which is default in my scripts, and some don't even have sendmail! To find out where its located on your system, use the following command at your unix prompt:

which sendmail

This will tell you where sendmail is on your system. If it says it could not find it, just ask your system administrator. The other common problem is incorrectly specifying the recipient form field correctly.
2. Can I have multiple recipients?

Yes, all you have to do is put multiple e-mail addresses in the recipient field of your form, separated by commas.

   <input type=hidden name="recipient"
3. The redirect command won't work.
There was a bug in older versions of this script and it has been fixed. Please download the latest version if you are using an old one. :: HTML Form to Email Processor
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