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Table of Contents
Select from the following table of contents to jump to a specific area within this README file. This is a HTML version of the README file distributed with Credit Card Verification.
1 July 1996 README.TXT - Please Read The Entire Document
The Validator v1.02
Email me at

The Validator ... don't let another random number slip into your credit card batch again!

The Validator verifies all 13 and 16 digit Visa Cards, 16 digit MasterCards, 16 digit Novus (Discover) cards, and 15 digit American Express cards.
Packing List
1. cc_form.html - 934 bytes
2. - 12530 bytes
3. readme.txt (this document) - 6321 bytes
Notes and Revision Status
Rev. 1.02 - 1 July 1996
Eradicated an errant exit command and installed the no_data subroutine.

Rev. 1.01 - 28 June 1996
The Validator verifies card numbers based on the Mod 10 Algorithm. Kudos to Aries Solis ( who originally found the needed data URL for all the cards and to Melvyn Myers ( for posting the original I hacked into a totally different animal. As for the unknown original poster of the parent version ... eternal gratitude.

The cc_form.html document is essentially the HTML form front-end for this script. Please feel free to copy/paste/edit to suit your needs. The script is platform neutral and should run without modification on Unix and NT servers alike under either Perl 4.036 or 5.001m. Executable file location modifications may be needed, just like any other script.

Please feel free to copy out the needed sections and impliment the validation part into your own scripts, all I ask is that proper credit be retained and noted in your script.

This has been fully debugged and has validated 50 different cards properly. It has ruthlessly weeded out fabricated Card Numbers. Basically.. it works just fine. If you have any problems, then it resides in how your system is configured and how you've modified the script. (read that as "Not My Problem")
Standard Disclaimer
This script is intended for general use and no warranty is implied for suitability to any given task. I hold no responsibility for your setup or any damage done while using/installing/modifing this script.

Luv ya'll - Enjoy! Spider :-) :: HTML Form to Email Processor
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