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Table of Contents
Select from the following table of contents to jump to a specific area within this README file. This is a HTML version of the README file distributed with Book 'em Dan-O.
9 July 1996 README.TXT - Please Read The Entire Document
Book 'em, Dan-O v1.01 by Spider
Email me at

Book 'em! ... Leverage your knowledge of your visitors! Dan-O logs the time of the visit, the visitor, where they came from and the browser they were using.
Packing List
1. - 2770 bytes
2. readme.txt (this document) - 2741 bytes
Notes and Revision Status
Rev. 1.01 - 10 July 1996

Book 'em Dan-O is nothing out of the ordinary, nothing extraordinary, but the data you can log is invaluable in tracking where people are coming from, what your heaviest usage hours are and *most importantly* what browser their using - all the better to develop your site with!

This script can be run as a Server Side Include, completely transparent, or it can be used as a "Continue" button, logging and re-directing the user at the same time. In tracking where folks are coming from, it's most effectively used as a SSI from your home page. When used as a re-direct, you'll find that the "where" is always the page the button was on. Hey, whacha gonna do.. that's just the way life goes.

Another option this script features is the ability to exclude yourself, given you have a machine name or static IP.

If you're having problems getting the logging function to operate correctly under Unix, create an empty logfile, upload it and issue the command chmod 660 <filename> After changing the permission then issue the command chown nobody: <your user name> <filename> This will properly set the file to be written to by the system.

Please feel free to use and post this script, all I ask is that proper credit be retained and noted in your script. (ie. Please keep it as a .zip file with this document intact)

This script has run under Unix and NT without so much as a hiccup. Surprised me too! :-) Enjoy!
Standard Disclaimer
This script is intended for general use and no warranty is implied for suitability to any given task. I hold no responsibility for your setup or any damage done while using/installing/modifing this script.

Batteries Not Included

Luv ya'll - Enjoy!
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