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Below are pieces of programs, sometimes complete, which serve as examples of how to accomplish different techniques. Most of these are placed here, because they are useful, yet not detailed and complicated enough to deserve their own spot in the archive.
Snippets of Code
      Password Creator
            Version 1.0
            Useful if you forget your WWWADMIN password, just run this from the prompt
            and create a new one!

      Remove Control M's ^M
            Version 1.0
            This snippet will allow you to remove those control M's from the end of your
            lines in a script, that are often attached after you edit the file in a
            Dos/Windows Environment.

      Browser Identification
            Version 1.0
            This piece of code will check to see what browser the remote user is using.
            It then determines what page to send them to based on that information.

      Remote Host Identification
            Version 1.0
            Ever wonder how those sites say: "Welcome < domain name > to my page!"
            This code shows how to do it. (Requires Server Side Includes)

      Page Last Visited
            Version 1.0
            Have you wished you could provide users with a link back to the place they
            were last at? Well, using this script, now you can! (Requires Server Side
            Includes) :: HTML Form to Email Processor
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