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Resources for Help with Matt's Script Archive:
Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I am no longer able to personally answer help questions sent to me. But don't fear! The following resources provide excellent help:

Readme Files
With all of my major scripts comes bundled a file named README. Before you ask for help or even try to install the script, I strongly suggest that you read this file. It explains how to configure every variable, where to locate the files on your server and many other important aspects of setting up and using the script. The Readme Files can also be found in hypertext format.

Frequently Asked Questions
The Frequently Asked Questions database in the next fastest way to receive help. It contains answers to many questions that have been asked countless times.

Puppet Master's Perl Scripts Help Page
Puppet Master has dedicated countless hours to helping users setup, modify and run the scripts found at Matt's Script Archive. His excellent Perl Scripts Help Page includes all sorts of additional information, such as a knowledge base, new faq, sample configurations and MUCH MORE! :: HTML Form to Email Processor
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