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Table of Contents
Select from the following table of contents to jump to a specific area within this README file. This is a HTML version of the README file distributed with Free For All Links.
Copyright and Header
Free For All LinksVersion 2.2
Copyright 1996-2002 Matt
Created 05/14/95Last Modified 07/17/96
Matt's Script Archive, Inc.:

If you run into any problems while trying to configure this scripts, help is available. The steps you should take to get the fastest results, are:
      1) Read this file thoroughly.
      2) Consult the Matt's Script Archive Frequently Asked Questions:

      3) If you are still having difficulty installing this script,
          you may wish to look at the resources listed here:

Hopefully that will be able to help you solve your problems. Due to time constraints I can no longer offer technical support for this code.

Copyright 1995 - 2002 Matthew M. Wright All Rights Reserved.

Free For All Links may be used and modified free of charge by anyone so long as this copyright notice and the comments above remain intact. By using this code you agree to indemnify Matthew M. Wright from any liability that might arise from its use.

Selling the code for this program without prior written consent is expressly forbidden. In other words, please ask first before you try and make money off of my program.

Obtain permission before redistributing this software over the Internet or in any other medium. In all cases copyright and header must remain intact.
This is a script built for the World Wide Web that allows users to freely add links to your page in the sections that you specify.

File included in this script:

1. links.html - The HTML File users see
2. - The guts of the operations
3. README - This file (Installation information)

To Install:

  • You must have access to execute CGI scripts on your server.
  • Put the file into your server's cgi-bin or rename it to links.cgi (Whichever is required on your server).
  • Put the links.html file into any dir of your choice (must be user writable)
  • Should be compatible with Version 2.1, so just modify and try it.. I am not sure though. :-)
This file is the file that pulls in your links.html and makes the necessary changes to your links.html. It will add the url of the user's choice. You must chmod this file 755 and place it in your server's cgi-bin. You may need to rename this to links.cgi if your server requires that sort of thing.
$filename = "/server/path/to/links.html";
Path Location of your links.html file.

$linksurl = "http://your.server/actual/url/of/links.html";
URL Location of links.html file.

$linkscgi = "";
URL Location of

$linkstitle = "Free For All Link Page";
Title of Your Page.

$database = "/path/to/database.txt";
Path to the database file. This is useful if you want links to your page to automatically be added one per line to a database (for use in Random Link or other similar programs). Must be chmoded to 777.
This file contains all of the links that users have added. Users will be automatically returned to this document. You must place this document in a directory with 777 file access and then chmod this file 777. You will need to edit the action="" part of the <form> tag so that points to your file at your cgi-bin. You will also want to change the bottom link so users can get back to your home page. You can change anything above the <form> tag also... Just don't change the <!--XXXX--> tags unless you want to edit the script.
Version 1.0 05/14/95 - Original created
Version 2.0 05/20/95 - Patrick Kane re-wrote almost the entire script to make it work better
Version 2.1 08/05/95 Added the count of links and date last modified to the links.html file.
- Changed all my <meta> tags to the appropriate comment tag <!--XXXX-->
- Added a datecom variable in the realization that just the 'date' command was interfering with some of the date commands located in the cgi-bin of some servers.
- An HTML checker to remove all HTML tags a user might try to put around their title.
- Added quotes around the url to make the structure more HTML compatible.
Version 2.2 07/17/96 - Fixed a bug which allowed users to post obviously invalid URLS. Now they must start with http or ftp and contain something that resembles a host name.
Due to a high incidence of banner postings, the software was enhanced to prevent banners and images from being posted. Main reason for the update.
- Checks (very simply) to see if the link has already been added. If so, it doesn't allow it to be added again.
- Allows you to auto-add the URLs to a database for Random Link Generator.
- Changed the form so that URL field defaults to http:// and title field holds 80 characters max. (These can be changed, but prevent people from being stupid and using up tons of lines.)
- I took out references to 'grep' and 'date', two unix commands, which made this incompatible with other OS's. Now it should work on other OS's or be a trivial hack to make it work.
- Added a linkstitle, so your Error pages will link back to your site with the site's title.
- Cleaned up a bit. :: HTML Form to Email Processor
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© 1995 - 2009 Matt Wright and Matt's Script Archive, Inc.